Save salmon and sacred sites: Speak out against the raise of Shasta Dam!

Representative Jim Costa, of Fresno, has introduced a bill, co-signed by a number of California Democratic Congressmen, to raise Shasta Dam. No mention of the standing debt to our people or the destruction it will cause to our way of life.

Please contact your Senators and Congresspeople (, in any state you're in, to remind them that a debt is still owed by the United States to the Winnemem Wintu people, and ask them to vote NO on any proposal to raise Shasta Dam.

Also, tell the Bureau's Commission Michael Connor to not submit his plan to raise Shasta Dam. Tell him to support Winnemem cultural survival - Michael Connor -; (202) 513-0501.
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Sign the Petition to Save Winnemem Culture and Stop the Shasta Dam Raise

Sign the petition to tell Congress “NO” to the Shasta dam Raise! You can make a difference to help Winnemem culture survive for future generations!

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Is Doug LaMalfa Your Congressman? Tell him “No!” to the Shasta Dam Raise

Is your U.S. representative Doug LaMalfa? You can make a difference in supporting Winnemem Wintu cultural survival by telling him not to authorize the proposal to raise Shasta Dam by 18.5 feet.

You can call LaMalfa at (530) 223-5897 or email him by filling out this online form.

Winnemem Wintu – The Middle Water People

We are a traditional tribe who inhabits our ancestral territory from Mt. Shasta down the McCloud River watershed. When the Shasta Dam was constructed during World War II, it flooded our home and blocked the salmon runs.

The salmon are an integral part of our lifeway and of a healthy McCloud River watershed. We believe that when the last salmon is gone, humans will be gone too. Our fight to return the salmon to the McCloud River is no less than a fight to save the Winnemem Wintu Tribe.

As salmon people and middle water people we advocate for all aspects of clean water and the restoration of salmon to their natural spawning grounds.

Sawal Mem, Sawal Suhana (Sacred Water, Sacred Life)

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