Speak Out Against the Shasta Dam Raise and For Winnemem Cultural Survival

Westlands Water District, the likely beneficiary of the proposal to raise Shasta Dam, is accepting public comments until 11:59 p.m. Jan. 14 (the deadline was extended!).

Email them directly to shastadameir@stantec.com or mail them to: Shasta Dam Project c/o Stantec 3301 C St., Suite 1900 Sacramento, CA 95816

See what Chief Sisk, environmentalists and other activists said in their comments opposing the dam raise at a Dec. 12 scoping meeting in Redding.

Speak Up Against The Shasta Dam Raise and for Winnemem Cultural Survival

Now is the time to speak up on behalf of salmon and healthy rivers, the Winnemem Wintu and the people of California. Make no mistake, this project is a waste of taxpayer money in order to benefit the wealthy millionaires of Westlands Water District, while sacrificing public trust resources of California citizens and the religion of the Winnemem.

Westlands, the likely beneficiary of the proposal to raise Shasta Dam, is overseeing the state environmental review process and is accepting public comments until Jan.

Support the Winnemem on North State Giving Tuesday

Join us Tuesday and help defend the sacred!  A donation on North State Giving Tuesday will go towards the Tribe’s Office of Historic Preservation legal fund to pay for expenses in our AB52 cause of action that will protect our Mount Shasta groundwater, springs and waterways from the Mount Shasta Crystal Geyser water bottling plant. We are not a casino tribe. The tribe does not receive any government health, education or housing benefits. The tribe currently has no paid staff

Winnemem Wintu – The Middle Water People

We are a traditional tribe who inhabits our ancestral territory from Mt. Shasta down the McCloud River watershed. When the Shasta Dam was constructed during World War II, it flooded our home and blocked the salmon runs.

The salmon are an integral part of our lifeway and of a healthy McCloud River watershed. We believe that when the last salmon is gone, humans will be gone too. Our fight to return the salmon to the McCloud River is no less than a fight to save the Winnemem Wintu Tribe.

As salmon people and middle water people we advocate for all aspects of clean water and the restoration of salmon to their natural spawning grounds.

Sawal Mem, Sawal Suhana (Sacred Water, Sacred Life)

Donate to Bring the McCloud River Salmon Home!