Winnemem Support Group of Oregon

The Winnemem Support Group of Oregon is a Eugene-based non-profit justice organization whose mission is to support, raise funds for, raise awareness and stand in solidarity with the Winnemem Wintu Tribe in their efforts to seek justice and practice their religion freely.

In addition to supporting the release of the documentary, Dancing Salmon Home, WSGO also organizes the annual Wild Salmon Run every spring in Eugene.

Upcoming events:
  • January 25 – At 5 p.m. Winnemem Wintu Chief Caleen Sisk will be giving the keynote speech at a salmon dinner at the Many Nations’ Longhouse.
    WSGO will be hosting Chief Sisk and her niece Marisa Sisk with the UO Women’s Center.
  •  May 3 – At 7 p.m., “Dancing Salmon Home” will premiere at the Bijou Theater with a small salmon buffet. This will be the kick off for third annual Wild Salmon Run and Benefit for the Winnemem Wintu on May 4. Canales and the Lake will be performing a benefit on the night of the 4th. Place TBA.
WSGO Board and Staff:


Chair: Ruth Koenig

Grantwriter and Treasurer: Remie Calalang

Youth Coordinator: Julie Bacon

Public Relations: Will Doolittle and Misa Joo

Graphic Designer: Lemuel Charley

T-shirts: Nina Jackson