Coonrod Ceremony Info

Sunrise Ceremony at the Meadow with Mt. Shasta in view.

Sunrise Ceremony at the Meadow with Mt. Shasta in view.

Our Coonrod Ceremony will be Thursday-Sunday Aug. 11-14, 2016, at Coonrod Flat near Mt. Shasta.

The sacred fire will be lit Thursday. The salmon challenge will be Saturday. We will have a sunrise ceremony on Sunday. There will be also a prayer run/walk.

Dancing will be every day.

The cook tent is open for the duration of the ceremony and will feed ceremony guests breakfast and dinner. Be sure to bring snacks and consider bringing a food donation (list below.)

If you have serious food allergies or sensitives, please be prepared to bring your own meal. We may not be able to accommodate all dietary restrictions.

Try to bring your own plates and silverware or compostable silverware. Please be aware that we do not allow bottled water at ceremony. It would be helpful if you bring your own already filled water containers or Igloo type water coolers for your encampment. Use it to replenish and fill your water bottles. Also, bring your own coffee and tea cups. We do have a limited supply, but many people take their coffee or tea cups back to their camps, which leaves the kitchen without cups.

If you are joining us on the Salmon Challenge, please bring swimwear, towels and sturdy footwear. It will require climbing over rocks in addition to swimming.


Take I-5 to Hwy 89 to McCloud, pass McCloud City about 2 miles to Pilgrim Creek Rd. turn left, go about 9 miles and you will see sign on dirt road, go about 1/4 mile and there is the camp.

Ceremony Rules
Here is a cultural guide to ceremony: Coonrod eloquence rules.

Stuff to Bring
Insect spray – we request you bring natural repellants like apple cider vinegar or lemon eucalyptus oil, your own chair, flashlights, camping gear, first aid kids, any prescription medicines you require, hats, sunscreen, water canteens, swimsuits and towels. Plastic Bottled water is banned at ceremony.

It can get very cold at night, so bring sweaters, fleeces and blankets.

Food Donations

If you are coming to ceremony, please consider bringing a food donation. Please bring ice or ice packs for your food if necessary. There is no refrigeration at the ceremony site.

Because we are expecting an unusually large number of people at this ceremony, Ceremony Head Cook Ricardo has some requests if you’re bringing food.

If you have a question or know what you’re bringing, please email ceremony cook, Ricardo Torres – – so he can plan the menus.

Pre-cooked foods:

Fresh Water is scarce at the ceremony and so we appreciate foods that have been pre rinsed, washed, and/or boiled.

Peeled, cut and par boiled and frozen potatoes for breakfast

Pre-cooked, browned hamburger meat, frozen in zip locks

Pre-cooked, pork, chicken, or beef, frozen, vacuum sealed if possible.

Frozen Bags of pre-cooked macaroni’s, pastas, quinoa, beans, stews, soups, etc

We also need:

Tortillas: corn and flour (about 15 dozen each)

(Organic Preferred) veggies and fruits such as:  tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, onions, cucumbers, beets, green beans, red potatoes, lettuce, berries, peaches, plums, melons, pears, bananas,

Meats: Hams (sliced and placed in ziplocks- Meat bees are attracted to meat fat)

Beef:  Stew meat, roasts, hamburger

Venison, elk, buffalo

Pork:  roasts, hams, sausages, bacon,

Chicken: (Due to lack of refrigeration we prefer only pre-cooked and frozen)

Salmon: Chinook, wild not farmed

We will also need lots of Eggs

Vegetarian/vegan:  Although we can accommodate most vegetarian diets with the various dishes prepared in the kitchen, we cannot accommodate most vegan diets. Please bring your own vegan foods to supplement what is available in our kitchen.

Other ways to contribute food to the kitchen:  Bring all the fixins for hamburgers (patties, buns, lettuce, tomatoes, catsup, mustard) or Hotdogs (weiners, buns, relish, mustard, catsup) or sandwiches (meats, mayo, breads, cheese, lettuce, etc.) EACH for about 150 people.

Stoves:  If you have an additional propane stove we can use, bring it!

Other Items:

Mayonnaise, rice, sugar, flour, rice milk, almond milk, lactaid milk, salad dressings, nuts, cereals, oatmeal, dried fruits.