Template Letter to BOR re: Salmon Return

Dear Bureau of Reclamation,
I would like to make a comment regarding the Shasta Dam Fish Passage project.

To protect the Salmon from climate change, they must return to their traditional spawning grounds in the McCloud River and its glacial waters.

The best solution is to follow the Winnemem Wintu’s plan to build a swimway around Shasta Dam using natural creeks and bring home the McCloud River salmon descendants currently thriving in New Zealand.

These salmon are wild and far healthier and disease-free than the Livingston Stone hatchery fish. They have been spawning in high mountain rivers for generations and are far more likely to successfully adapt to the new spawning route than hatchery fish.

Trapping and trucking them is not a solution. There has never been a ‘trap and truck’ system that truly successfully re-established a fish population.

You need to follow the wisdom of Chief Sisk when she says we have to stop trying to control the salmon and let them return to their natural life cycle.

You can do something almost unheard of, work with those that carry the traditional knowledge on the McCloud River, the Winnemem Wintu Tribe. Allow them to be partners in restoring their relatives, the Salmon, to their natural spawning grounds.

Please bring these relatives back to the land they came from.

In support of bringing the Salmon home,